Just a short intro blurb. Read it, or don't.

Welcome to my website. I mainly have this so that I can introduce you to, well, me. If you have any questions, please hit the ABOUT ME page and hit me up. I was going to try to use this as a blog, but I think I'd rather do individual pages with notes and things. Tell me what you think. This page will evolve and grow as time goes on. Just need to work on it regularly.

Things to know going forward

So, moving forward, this page will update "on the regular". This is mostly just the intro page, and there will be more following. I plan to, eventually, get most of my work up here, and available to you.

Important things to note

I am a cohost for the podcast sysadministrivia. I enjoy my time with the guys there, and look forward to recording whenever we do. Please feel free to check us out, but be forewarned we are NSFW, so use headphones if you want to listen at work. Or, if you don't care about a few profanities being flung around, then feel free to listen anyway.